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Can you survive a big ocean in Shark game? Come to play this awesome io game online inspired by and see if you become the biggest shark in the ocean. As a small shark when spawning on the map, you have to swim through water carefully hunting for plankton and dwelling smaller fishes to increase your size. The more you stuff your stomach, the bigger you are. This is how you evolve your small shark to a bigger one. When you swim, you will meet many sharks controlled by other players. Eat them if they are smaller than you while staying away from them if they are bigger than you. Protect yourself from getting eaten by someone else, otherwise, your adventure will be over. Stay alive for as long as possible until your food chain grows to the top of the leaderboard, making you the strongest shark in the ocean. Play Shark game with new friends now! Much fun!

How To Play Shark

Direct the movement of your shark around the ocean using the mouse.

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