Enjoy (Shell Shockers) the game online and become the best egg gunner! It is necessary for you to survive as long as possible before you collect the highest score and take over the leaderboard! After you select the gun and the mode that you want, you can jump into the arena and launch a battle against all of the players existing there. Aside from using the weapon that you pick at the beginning, you do not forget to throw grenades. Remember that they are limited!

In addition to attacks within unblocked, you can choose the defensive style. Although it is not effective for you to earn higher ranks, it is helpful to evade or escape dangerous situations. There are tons of containers around the map and they will cover you for free while you restore your health or figure out another strategy. Besides, the ammunition should be gathered promptly to reload or you can get troubles immediately when your armaments run out of ammo. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD or the mouse to control your player, LMB to shoot, E to choose another weapon, R to reload, Q to release a grenade

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