About Shootup.io

In Shootup.io unblocked, you have to use your weapons to aim and shoot all the zombies as you make your way through a town that is infected with zombies. Create a base when you enter the town and stay in the base to protect yourself from the zombies. You can search for a vehicle and use it to squad those enemies! Pay attention to your surroundings, collect and use items smartly to outplay zombies, and survive to become the winner. Play Shootup.io free game! Have fun with it!

How To Play Shootup.io

Use WASD or AQSD or arrow keys to move. Shoot enemies using the left mouse button, click the right mouse button or use B to place a building, use the spacebar to interact with objects and items, use Shift to run or drift in a car, change weapons using number keys, use the mouse wheel scroll and click on a building to change it.

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