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SLIME .network – an epic and fantastic sports-themed classic multiplayer game promising to entertain all players for hours. You should give it a shot now to examine your abilities then see if you can become the champion. You can join volleyball, soccer, and hoops simulator, which brings you multiple challenges to conquer. Whatever kinds of sports you partake in, make sure you show off your skills to defeat your opponents that keep trying to wipe you out. It’s very important to use your fast reflexes when you cope with others as this helps you outplay them more easily. You are also armed with the so-called power shot. This feature helps you better your movement speed and you can use it to ambush the rivals too. Do not forget to fool your rivals using some emotions, but make sure you will have face equipt before using them. Can you touch the final victory in SLIME .network? Jump into it now! Good luck to you!

How To Play SLIME .network

Move with arrow keys or WASD. Jump with the spacebar, perform the power shot using key Shift, press keys -14 for emote (need to have face equipt).

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