Slither Birds

About Slither Birds

Slither Birds is a Slitherio-Styled IO game combining another hit game called Angry Birds. You play as a snake bird rather than an original snake and you must wander through a big map trying to pick up as many colored eggs as possible. The more eggs you gather, the larger the size you will reach! Then, you can go surround other snakes, trap them all, block their exits, stop them from escaping you as well as force them to run into you. Whatever ways you follow, you have to ensure that the enemy snakes will be brutally defeated, so you can wipe them out of the arena easily. Don’t forget to speed up to bypass them, but if you do this a lot, your size will be reduced, so be careful. Make sure you always watch out for your surroundings, play with good strategies then work your way up to the top rank on the leaderboard.

How To Play

Move your snake using the mouse, click the left mouse to speed up.

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