Play against colorful enemies in game and conquer the new title inspired by your way! Your adventure will look like the original, with a twist. Enter your name, choose the skin you love and hop into a wide arena in which you will have the time to experience an extremely interesting story with multiple opponents.

Around the world of game, there are tons of glowing orbs. It is very easy to find these resources. They are also the safest food that you are recommended to consume after you spawn. However, you are advised to keep an eye on every rival roaming nearby. Otherwise, they can surround you, coil, and make you bump into their tail. Each time you eat something useful in, your mass will be added. It means that you are growing longer. WIth the length you obtain, you can set traps to destroy and swallow the remains of your prey without difficulty. Remember to apply old tips from! Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move around the map. Press LMB to dash forward.

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