Definitely, you will find it very cool to control a snake-like mini-bus around the arena of Snakebus.io unblocked – another Slither-style io game online with unique 3D graphics. Like the classic Slither.io game, in SnakeBus.io free online, you also have to grow the length and strength of your bus to swallow all other enemies for a chance of winning. But first, you have to pick up some passengers scattered around the arena to grow your length a little bit, and when you get longer, you can enter the conflict and battle it out. To kill enemies, encircle them with your long body, or speed up to bypass them and cut them off. Whatever you do, just ensure that you always protect yourself, otherwise, your snake bus will be destroyed. Keep thriving, growing and surviving until you hit the top of the leaderboard. SnakeBus new io game welcomes all players from around the world to come and play.


Use keys A/D to steer your snake bus, press the spacebar to jump, use key F for nitro boost, and key G to become invisible.

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