About free online is a snowball-themed battle game with the multiplayer element. It drops you into a Christmas-themed arena where you meet and compete against many online opponents. As soon as you step into the battle, you should wander around the map collecting snowballs. Once there are some in your hands, try to launch them at the enemies as you defend yourself from the incoming shots launched by other players. The game requires you to have a good throwing skill because if you keep making mistakes throughout the battle, you will not be able to win the match. When you move through the arena, don’t forget to gather some snowflakes on the ground to grow your size. Also, by gathering them, you can make the size of the snowballs much larger when throwing them. The final goal in unblocked is to become the legend snowball champion! Good luck to you!

How To Play

Make your way through the map using the mouse, click the left mouse to throw the snowballs at enemies.

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