About is a free online multiplayer soccer game. It is possible for you to set up teams of up to 4 players and play against other opponents. The first gang which scores 4 goals and 2 points lead will become the winner. There are three game modes for you to explore. They include Normal, Tournament and Private Room. After you enter the match, move your character around the field and shoot the ball. You are able to activate your boosts and pass the item to a friend. Based on the original sport, also has the similar strategies. Once you can approach the net of the rival, you can maximize the ability to surpass them. Along with teammates, everything will be much easier. Cooperate with those guys and use the acceleration skillfully. If you accept to sign up, you will get many upgrades and increase stats quickly when you finish the level. Good luck!

How To Play

Use arrows to move, Space to shoot, Z to speed up, X to pass.

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