Soldiers VS Zombies

About Soldiers VS Zombies

Soldiers VS Zombies is a strategy zombies game pitting you against various opponents worldwide. Are you ready for this awesome yet competitive confrontation? Let’s jump into it now! When the match is kicked off, some players will take on the role of humans while the others are the zombies. Each role has its own mission! For the human’s side, you have to work with other human players to block the doors, build places to survive and stop the zombies from killing you. But for the zombie’s side, the goal is to spread the virus to turn the humans into the zombies as well. Basically, Soldiers VS Zombies is another clone of, however, it can guarantee to bring you even more fun. The game also encourages team spirit because if you have no teamwork, you cannot bring victory to your team. Prepare your abilities and strategies for this battle right now! Hope you have a blast with it!

How To Play Soldiers VS Zombies

Move around the map using WASD, click the right mouse to use items, drop items using key G, collect items using key E, open the soldier's shop using key O and use the mouse cursor to spin. 

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