About Spaceblast.io

Spaceblast.io is a fun-addicting space-themed 2d shooter game which is available for you to play online for free with multiple people from all over the world. Like Diep style, you will start with a unique ship which is similar to a triangle. You are allowed to choose any skin that you want before you enter the nickname and explore the arena. From the basic vehicle, you can turn it into a Blaster, Destroyer, and a Boat once you reach the corresponding level. Try to take out as many enemies as possible to rank up and dominate the whole map quickly! Each time you collect a kill, your score will be increased. In Spaceblast.io, shooting asteroids is a good way to gain more. And the chance to upgrade skills is also improved. Choose the ability and spend points on them. However, avoid planets when they explode or they will deal damage to you. But, you can use their explosions for your benefit. Good luck!

How To Play Spaceblast.io

Press WASD or arrows to move, left click to shoot, click on the skill buttons or hit 1-6 to upgrade them.

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