Squadd Royale

About Squadd Royale

Jump into a huge battlefield in Squadd Royale and fight with a good spirit! In this awesome 2D Shooter Battle Royale Style IO game, you will compete against hundreds of players from across the world. Like other previous Battle Royale games, in this one, you also jump out of an airplane then land on the ground. Once landing, you will go find weapons with handy equipment for the fight. You use them to dish out a huge amount of damage to the rivals and make sure they are completely destroyed before they attack you back in the same way. Be careful with the danger zone as it decreases your health over time while the safe zone keeps shrinking in size. You need to fight with excellent tactics to outwit all rivals and end up as the final victor! Are you ready? Engage in the battle now! Hope you have a lot of fun with it!

How To Play

Move your character with arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to assault or fire. Use the right mouse for the emoticons list, key E to change the weapons or enter the vehicle. Press key F for using the health kit, key M to open the map and key R to reload. 

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