STARBOMBA is a good classic game where you will play as a Bomberman and fight against multiple foes. The main aim is to become the last standing player. In order to achieve that goal, you need to survive until the end of the match. There are several ways to defend yourself during the time that the challenge occurs. You can evade enemies or chase them. Walls in STARBOMBA can cover your body in case you want to hide and dodge explosions caused by rivals nearby. However, they can be destroyed when you’d like to open a path to hunt down the target. Besides, they can offer some unique items once they collapse. Furthermore, you do not forget to drop your bombs properly. They will be the major weapon that you deploy within combat. They are useful to kill somebody or block others from chasing you. Attempt to act up quickly and complete your task!

How To Play

Strike the arrow keys to move, Space to place a bomb, Ctrl to use items

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