About is an epic game set in space, a massive world in which you must work hard to be the strongest star in the solar system. By roaming and eating Stardust, you will get upgrades from orbiting and become sturdier. Additionally, planets will be attracted in order to bring you many awesome power-ups. However, you are allowed to steal a small amount of dust from other opponents by dashing into their body. In, you can battle against bigger characters. If you are successful in killing them, their energy and progress will belong to you. Remember that it is not safe and pretty risky! Choose the appropriate time to rush or you will be impaled! Besides, you are recommended to look for black holes which provide you a hiding place when you’d like to run away from somebody dangerous. Blinking guys that have already appeared are impossible to harm or damage. Do not annoy them!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move, left click to dash.

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