STBA io formerly game is an RTS game called Strike Tactics. In the STBA io game, you are taking part in the war zone with an enormous choice of amazing units of weapons, and you level up dependent on the number of enemies you killed. This is a great game for you to battle with your friends.

The io game developer design tanks, planes, and warrior jets with brilliant models. Primarily, you start fighting as the Javelin or the Manta. But to increase your kills number, you need some tips and tricks to unblock higher units, such as Harpy or Gladiator and incredible other units.

Attempt to remain alive by advancing the premium units to raise your damage ability, so be careful about your Command Center’s health by taking a gander at the bars in the top center of the screen. In the event that the opponent destroys your team, return to your Command Center to guard it! We don’t encourage STBA io hacked in any case so let’s create a fair playground!

How To Play

Moving by WASD keyboards. Scroll the mouse to zoom.

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