About unblocked is a unique multiplayer online battle arena-style game in which you have to kill all enemies by stomping them. You make your way through the map hunting for the rivals and quickly stomp them before they escape. When you take a leap on a smaller player, they will be squashed and their stars will be lost. But when you jump on a bigger one, half of their stars will be lost, not all, because they are bigger than you. Be careful when you come across the bigger players because you will be knocked back farther due to their heaviness. Make sure you collect a lot of stars from killing opponents to increase your size. Don’t forget to use ledges to your advantage. Feel free to take a leap through ledges from beneath them, but you will not be able to fall through them from above. Think you can outplay your opponents to become the best player in free game? Play it now! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move, and click the mouse to smash attack and drop straight down.

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