About is an amazing style game. It is possible for you to select the room you want. It means that there are several different modes. They allow you to play solo or engage in a squad or create a team or cooperate with a partner, and more. After that, you will be moved to a strange map which looks like a location of a deserted island. It is the main battlefield where you will fight against a lot of enemies around the world. However, you and everybody will be forced to search for essential tools, for example, weapons, ammo, scopes, or medical kits. Save it in your backpack and you can join the battle comfortably. Be careful! Do not enter the deadly red zone! It will cause damage to those who are staying inside. If you do not leave it, you will die in an instant. Avoid it and focus on taking the loot of your opponents. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to aim, left click to attack, WASD or Arrows to move, F to pick up.

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