About Swaarm.io

Battle it out against numerous opponents online in Swaarm.io to see who will build the largest swarm of tanks in the arena! Swaarm.io is like Agar.io in terms of gameplay. You begin with just a small swarm of 2-3 tanks and you must move the swarm around the map carefully to gather even more tanks for making the size of your swarm much larger. There are two ways to increase the swarm, which is to either farm the killing bots or destroy the opponents. Depending on your play style, you will choose the way that suits you most, or you can use both of them if you want. Make sure you deal damage to your rivals as you attempt to defend yourself from their attacks. Your health will be run out through over time, so you must regenerate it by collecting more kills! The in-game objective is to become the largest swarm and get to the top rank on the leaderboard!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Press the left mouse or the spacebar to shoot. Use key Enter to chat or submit the message.

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