About Tactics Core

Tactics Core STBA is a shooting game with challenges and epic matches for players to master. You can practice and hone your skills in Tactics Core online. In this title, you will pick a type of warship for yourself before jumping into the fray. There are many types of warships featured in the game, including a roller, a manta, a silencer, and a javelin. All of them are armed with different weapons and unique stats. Also, you will be assigned to a team marked by color, the blue one or the red one. Your mission is to help your allies kill all enemies in this battle and stop them from destroying your base while trying to demolish theirs. Teamwork helps you get through all challenges, also, you will be saved by your teammates in case you are in danger. The main objective in Tactics Core io game is to get your team to the top spot on the leaderboard!

How To Play Tactics Core

Use WASD to move, the left mouse to shoot, and use key 1 for special skills.

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