About takepoint.io

takepoint.io is a Diep style 2d shooter game which is free for all to play solo or team up with other friends. There are three groups which are distinguished by color. After you spawn on the map, you will stand on a corresponding circle. You need to keep yourself safe from every attack. When you survive, you can defend your place. Remember to watch your back and eliminate the foe before they drain your power. You can assist somebody who belongs to the same clan in case you’d like to create an alliance. With the experience that you earn during the deathmatch in takepoint.io, you can level up after that. There is a big point located in the center. It will give you much more. Each stage that you unlock, you will be granted more powerful weapons and perks. If you reach the highest rank, do not forget to build walls and choose grenades! Good luck!

How To Play takepoint.io

Press WASD to move, LMB to shoot, Space to use skills.

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