About TanksIO.online

Enjoy TanksIO.online game, fight against the opponent with your team and dominate the whole map as soon as possible! Enter a small arena and take control of a tank. Move around the room and show your shooting skill for free. Take out the enemy and earn the higher ranking. Furthermore, occupy the top spot and become the master. However, you should learn how to cover other teammates when they are being attacked. Stay together and focus on blasting the target to wipe out weakened ones. Do not forget to collect power-ups strewn randomly on the floor! They will restore your energy and more. For example, they include items such as Health, Bulletpower, Bullerbounce, and Shield. They are one of the most important keys leading to the victory. Aside from everything mentioned, you are able to play offline with bots. You will select Settings and Network: Offline to meet up with the new foe. Have fun!

How To Play TanksIO.online

Press WASD to move, left click to shoot.

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