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In the world of Tetrads.io free online, you will start as just a small cube. To survive in this world, you will have to go on a journey and find more shape to an ad on your own mass, and then you can find and destroy other smaller shapes.

Every time you join in a battle, it will cost you an average amount of your blocks, so you will have to choose your energies wisely and always pick on someone smaller than you, and remember you can also become a victim of someone bigger than you, you need to be careful of every step you take. Don’t worry. You will still have a chance to become the top leader in this game by being clever and take advantage of your “boost” power-up. This boost will allow you to escape from a clearly losing match or jump onto an easy target. But you need to use it wisely and carefully because this boost has its own power bar, and it takes a lot of time to reboot.

How To Play Tetrads.io

You can move your block by using your mouse and using your boost by the left mouse. The boost will recharge faster when your Tetrad is small. If one of the enemy’s Tetrad touches you, you will die. There are a lot of stages to build your shapes to take down your enemies. It will depend on your imagination.

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