About is a good 2D shooter game which is inspired by Diep style. It’s available to play solo against multiple aggressive enemies throughout the real world! The goal that you are asked to accomplish during the new match is to slay as many opponents as possible. Each kill collected in will be a useful step to enhance your ranks. Aside from getting closer to the top spot, you are able to recognize a few significant changes for your warrior. In other words, you will level up and become a skilled player soon.

Engage in you and the rest will be equipped with a basic but lethal weapon. However, it is not simple to handle your hammer. Actually, it’s also essential to summon it back after you throw. If you do not recall that tool promptly, you can be attacked and eliminated by someone in in a wink. Therefore, it’s important to arrange constant onslaughts. Furthermore, they should be deployed accurately. Besides, trees scattered across the battlefield are considered safe hiding points. Have fun!

How To Play

Use WASD or the arrow keys to roam around the map Press Shift or Space to run, Left mouse to throw a hammer, Right mouse to recall it

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