About Unlit.io

Prepare your skills in advance for a great manhunt in Unlit.io! You can play it online for free in a browser, and surely you will crazy about it thanks to exclusive gameplay. You are armed with a flashlight that must be used on other opponents wisely in order to absorb their power as well as fade them in the process. This is how you eliminate your opponents. It can sound simple to do yet very hard to master as you can never know what your rivals are going to do. Will they elude your attack or take it? Are they going to fight you back? You should think about those situations during the course of the battle and have your skills ready all the time to cope with them. You can keep the flashlight off to stay invisible to others, and make sure they will not catch you in their flashlight. It’s great to play with cool strategies so you can outplay all of them! Good luck!

How To Play

Move your character using the mouse. Click the left mouse to toggle the power and length of the light beam. Click the left mouse to speed up once you have some power.

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