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About UNO Online

UNO is a fun game to play, and now with UNO Online unblocked, you will have a great time playing with friends from around the world. Feel free to enjoy this card game to show your skills and see if you beat other players. UNO Online free is similar to UNO you play in real life in terms of gameplay. Every player is provided with 7 cards from the start of the game. These cards have many types, including draw card, skip card, reverse card, and wild card. Among them, wild card is the most powerful one. When the game begins, each player has to discard card turn by turn. Make sure these discarded cards have the same color or the same number. Keep discarding them until you have no cards left, and that’s when you become the winner. Try to calculate your moves as well as use your strategies to beat your friends. Have fun with UNO Online game!

How To Play UNO Online

Use the left mouse button to play and interact with the cards in the game.

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