Are you ready to become a mafia in an action-packed shooting free game called VOOS.IO? Let’s join it now and have your skills tested! Your mission in this multiplayer io game is to kill all enemies that get in your way while you are moving around the city. You are armed with strong weapons, so you must use them smartly to finish off everything before it’s too late. In addition to this, you must deal damage to a lot of buildings for more money. With the earned money, you can easily purchase more mafia characters (there are up to 24 characters featured in Vooos.io unblocked), or even stronger weapons with other cool upgrades that help you on this survival. Be careful with other players around you as you can be their target! You must do whatever it takes to survive all of these attacks and turn yourself into the best mafia of all streets, which is your main objective as well. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, click the mouse to shoot, use keys 1-9 to purchase mafia.

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