About Wanderers.io

Wanderers.io is an exciting free online strategy game made by Rezoner. Explore the new adventure and check your ability through survival challenges with a unique team. Take control of a wandering group and help them collect as many resources as possible. Aside from that, do not let them starve. But, try to provide to them the best tools so they can work and hunt animals for food. When you level up, you can unlock and buy a lot of upgrades, build more troops, discover other abilities and increase the number of people easily. You should choose convenient areas to farm and find more energy from meat. Be careful! You can be attacked whenever if you do not get ready. The presence of different units will allow you to improve the chance to survive and win. Select the favorite mode, take part in the journey and see if how long you will dominate!

How To Play

Choose upgrades by using the left mouse button.

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