WAZANA.IO is a distinctive space-themed tower defense game unblocked. It is about a challenge that you will win if you know how to build up and protect the base from all enemies. Explore a new level by yourself and try to manage every resource! You will have the chance to evolve and defeat other opponents. WAZANA.IO online is set in a 3D playfield and offers various factions. Pick out a city and you will receive the corresponding bonuses to start. Besides, it is feasible to opt for a human rival or a bot! Two bases in WAZANA.IO free will be connected together through a portal. The match will revolve around the supplies of energy and matter. Extractors will help you collect them. When they are gathered enough, you can embark on buying upgrades, more buildings, even military units, and skills. Once you prepare well, it will be easier to send your troops to attack and play down the foes. Good luck!


Choose Left mouse to use buildings and units, Right mouse to move or hit

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