About is a game about helping Santa back on his feet safe and sound. This is an awesome Puzzle Style IO game where you have to use physics to help your character. The Santa wants to get down from the pile of presents, but the platforms are so risky to move on, and if you don’t carefully control him, he will easily end up crashing, causing the game to be over. Therefore, you need to call in the help of his reindeers. You can summon them from the left or from the right. But each of them has its own behavior, meaning that some of them can help you out easily, but some of them will bring you more troubles. You should modify their behavior that is best suited for your current situation. When you don’t want their help anymore, you can dismiss them easily and continue your adventure. Can you help Santa achieve his goal? Join the game now!

How To Play

Use the mouse to destroy the platform, use the left arrow key to summon a reindeer from the left, and use the right arrow key to summon a reindeer from the right.

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