About Worm.is

If you like playing Snake games and want to immerse yourself in a world full of snakes, then Worm.is will surely suit your desire. It is similar to Slither.io in terms of gameplay, but you will have a new experience. You will start moving around the map to eat a lot of tasty objects on the map to increase your size. Keep eating until you become a bigger worm, and it will be time for hunting. You will feel strong enough to jump into a clash with any rival worms controlled by real human players. You start using your body to surround them all, block their heads, bypass them and force them to run into you. Be careful when you speed up because you probably will not want to hit another worm’s body, which will make end your game instantly. The main objective here is to become the best worm dominating the leaderboard. Give it a shot now!

Incoming search terms:

  • worm in hide of you

How To Play

Move your worm using the mouse, click the left mouse or W to shoot mass, use the right mouse or spacebar to speed up, and use key F for using an item.

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