About Wormania.io

Wormania.io is an intense Slither Style IO game that is also very addictive and amusing to play. If you are a big lover of Snake games, then don’t miss this one. You have to roam through the map as a neon worm eating many colored dots for increasing your mass. Keep eating the dots until you gain an enormous size and that’s when the battle begins. You will jump into a confrontation with other enemy snakes, use your long body to surround them, make them unable to escape and force them to run into you. You can even speed up to block their pathway, they will end up crashing into your tail easily. You must ensure that you defend your head all the time! Do not hit any snake’ body or the map border. Stay alive until you rule the leaderboard. Kick off the challenges now! Good luck to you!

How To Play

Speed up your worm using the left mouse button.

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