About Wormax2.io

Wormax2.io is a fun free MMO io game based on Slither style, with a few changes. The main aim that you are required to play after you appear on the playfield is to survive. To become the top player, you need to turn into the longest or biggest creature on the server.

Wormax2.io is a real-time title in which you will meet up with tons of enemies throughout the world. It is essential for you to avoid crashing into other bodies or you will explode and lose in an instant! To stay alive at the moment you are confident to kill somebody in Wormax2.io unblocked, you should evade the crowd and try to eat as much food as possible. Additionally, do not forget to gather power-ups because they will give you some effects to get an edge over online opponents nearby. Further, you are highly recommended to control the boosting ability wisely. You have three lives instead of one and remember to use them sparingly!

How To Play

Use the left or right mouse or Q to speed up, W to stop, E to become invisible, 1-5 to switch items

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