About Wormo.io

Wormo.io unblocked is a game set in Slither style. Start the new multiplayer match with a small worm and eat as many gems as possible to grow bigger! Collecting food available on the map will be the safest way to get closer to the top spot. Be careful! Don’t collide with anybody while finding resources! Otherwise, you will explode into pieces and you cannot continue your story. Play Wormo.io online you are allowed to shoot other creatures to push them away. Always watch over every rival nearby because they can do the same for you at any time! Shots of you in Wormo.io free will be stronger if you enlarge. So, you will obtain more power over other competitors. However, your movement speed will be reduced. Don’t worry! It’s simple to boost in combat! It’s useful to escape or hunt. Aside from that, you will gain numerous upgrades when you level up. Good luck!

How To Play Wormo.io

Use the mouse to guide your worm, click or tap Space to shoot, hold LMB or Space to speed up

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