About Worms.lol

Worms.lol online is set in a big arena filled with worms. Much like other snake io games, especially Slither.io, Worms.lol game also lets you play the role of a little worm when spawning in the arena. An epic battle between you and other worms has been sparked. There is only one top-ranked worm that rules the leaderboard. Who can be that worm? You must give this Slither-style a try then find your answer! The gameplay mechanic of Worms.lol online is no different from Slither.io. You can customize the appearance of your worm before entering the arena. When the game begins, make your way through the map gradually eating lots of food orbs to grow in size and power. Other enemy snakes are all around you. They can hunt you and eliminate them from the arena, which you must stop at all costs. You need to focus on the battle because even though you are smaller than them, you can still end their game by making them run into your body with their heads. Or, you can make a speed boost to outmaneuver other worms and cut them off quickly. Once they have been destroyed, they will drop food for you to collect. Eat all the food to get your size even bigger. Just make sure you are always careful and stay on the lookout for your surroundings because if you run into the body of a certain worm, you will meet your end. The main goal of Worms.lol game is to become number one on the leaderboard. Have fun!

How To Play Worms.lol

Use the mouse for your worm’s movement and the spacebar to speed up.

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