About Worms.zone

Snake-themed IO games are always great to play and enjoy. Worms.zone is one of them you shouldn’t ignore. This is a brand new edition to this famous genre of the games and surely it will bring you a lot of challenges to conquer. You will have a new chance to prove your abilities as well. Once the game is kicked off, you must control your worm around the map to absorb all the cute animals dispersed on the play area. Don’t forget to eat up some power-ups to get an edge over the enemies. Once you have become larger, try your best to encircle other enemy worms to make them crash into you. Also, you can give your worm a speed boost to bypass the enemies and block their movement. But, don’t accelerate too much because your mass will be reduced over time. You have to surpass all the challenges, survive and become the best worm of all!

How To Play

Control your worm using the mouse. Click the left/right mouse buttons to accelerate.

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