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Xess.io free game is a kind of Chess game and especially design for the io game. The rule is the same in Xess.io online, you get going as a king, catch pawns to help ensure your throne! And moreover, you need to conquer the other side of the game. This game will help you to improve your logical thinking skills.

This game may not be actually similar to original chess. But if you lose your king, the opponent win. So it’s unfathomably critical to guard your king prior to anything. Probably the greatest distinction to chess is that there are two turns in Xess, you essentially move your pawns around however many occasions as you need in spite of the fact that you actually need to follow each pawn’s true moves. As a result of this reality pawns, for example, the sovereign is of exceptionally high incentive as they can move toward any path. Xess.io unblocked has more things are waiting for you to explore! To flourish in this game you should be quick and have decent attention to every one of your pawns. There are hundreds of interesting multiplayer io games!

How To Play Xess.io

Use your mouse to move all pawns by clicking. Choose the position you want to place it.

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