About Zapper.io

Unlike other traditional snake-style io games, Zapper.io unblocked features a much different combat mechanic with cool features and unique creatures for players to explore. If you already had enough experience with Slither.io game, why don’t you join this io title for a new experience? Zapper.io game online is proud to be selected by you.

Zapper.io game is settled in a large open world where you take control of your slithering character through an arena trying to become the most energetic one. You spawn in this arena as a small snake but, when you collect food on the ground, you will be energized, got bigger, and get a temporary speed boost. That’s how you evolve into a powerful snake. There will be lots of snakes with different sizes, small, big or medium. All of them will be attacked at all times, so it’s important to protect yourself from them. The special thing about Zapper.io snake game is that even a small snake can attack a big one. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will not be attacked if you get big, vice versa, you will become more vulnerable to surprise attacks by smaller players. However, without a big size, you cannot rule the leaderboard. So, you must use your strategies to outplay all enemies even though they are targeting you. You can eliminate them by making their heads collide with your body, or you can attack their tails. Try to survive to become the biggest snake in the arena. Have fun!

How To Play Zapper.io

Use the mouse to move your snake and use the left mouse button to speed it up.

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