About Zombs.io

Explore the new world in Zombs.io game and see if how long you can survive! Indeed, being the last standing man is not a simple mission because you are going to fight against a large number of enemies and even zombies. You’d better find resources in the surroundings like wood and stone to build a base to dwell. Do not forget to defend it from waves of the undead. Also, upgrade it regularly. You are able to create a team with friends in order to put up a bigger house. Placing down a Gold Mine is meaningful since it will help you collect much more gold which is used to unlock stuff for towers. Additionally, a Gold Stash is essential to begin your castle. Turrets are important to prevent the foe from attacking both of these items. Locate them cautiously because they have unique stats. Meanwhile, walls are used to block soulless corpses, too.

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How To Play

Use WASD to move, left click to gather, build, attack, Space to auto attack, E to upgrade, F to heal, B to open the shop, P for the party menu, Enter to chat.

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