About Zombusterz.io

Zombusterz.io is about an interesting survival shooter game. In which, you will have to escape from the world full of zombies and become the top player as soon as possible. Actually, there is the presence of other human characters aside from the undead. You need to defeat all of them quickly to achieve the goal. Play Zombusterz.io online for free and you are hopping into a cool post-apocalyptic world. Try our best to shoot down every corpse or evade them to increase your survivability! It’s essential to make use of your weapon and skills that you are given so you can stay alive at the end of the challenge! Once the score you earn in Zombusterz.io unblocked is increased, you will seize more opportunities to get closer to the highest position and flee sooner. Are you ready to connect to that mysterious town and conquer the rankings in the shortest time? Good luck!

How To Play Zombusterz.io

Strike WASD keys to wander around, Space to jump, Q to switch weapons, RMB to aim, LMB to attack, Esc to view options

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