About Zomzom.io

Zomzom.io game is inspired by Moomoo.io. It is a challenging adventure. Explore a new world where you will have to defend against other aggressive enemies for survival. They are robbers and zombies. Thus, finding out strategies which are suitable for every circumstance is reasonable and valuable. Join the combat and collect as many natural resources as possible! They are essential materials used to set up a base or weapons like spikes and cannons. It is also the dwelling that can cover you in case you are in danger. However, do not forget to prevent the foe from attacking and dealing damage t your house. You will be given a hatchet and a spear. Choose them to gather wood, stone, and fruits. These items are helpful to craft walls and fight hunger. Try to keep the undead at bay by building fast or they will chase you forever! You can team up with other allies if you do not want to work alone. Be careful of your food and energy level! Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrows to move, left click to attack or gather.

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