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Takemine.io is an online strategy game that you will fight against multiple enemies and dominate the top spot your way. Move around a dangerous 2d map and gather every resource to increase the chance to survive. You will be given an axe at the beginning. Use that tool to cut trees and collect wood. That material will help you build many different structures. Additionally, you can craft more items and weapons. If you advance, you can embark on searching for stone which is essential to put up complex buildings and better stuff like bows, arrows, and much more. When you harvest them, you will level up and grow stronger. While you are working, remember to keep an eye on other rivals because they can attack and rob whenever. You should create a team including some allies to eliminate more opponents. Let’s experience and share with your friends from now on! Good luck!

How To Play Zorelit.io

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB or Space to collect or attack, E to toggle auto attack.

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