Hide.io Unblocked Online

Hide io creates dangerous shooting spaces combined with fun hide and seek. When participating in the game, you and your teammates will have breathtaking but also entertaining moments to relieve stress after a hard day.

In each stage of the io game, your group will transform into a different type of character. From there, the target will also change to suit the character you transform into. There will be 2 plays, In the first turn you play as a hunter and have to destroy props to get points. Next, you play for props, and your score counts when your incarnation and cover time meets the requirements. Hide io free online game is a shooting game with strict rules. Therefore, the hunter can not shoot everything he sees but must shoot the opponent’s player correctly. In case you shoot by mistake, HP will be lost. HP returns to 0 then you will die which means this multiple player game will end. Therefore, you have to be very observant to recognize your enemy and act quickly.

The role of the prop also has certain difficulties. You always start the game as the chair. So in order not to be discovered, you need to immediately transform into something to hide. The advice for you is to choose small objects and hide in the locations of adjacent and similar objects. Like that, the hunter will find it difficult to find friends and easier to shoot the wrong target. You will hide for a certain time to get more survival points. Most of the time you are hiding, your friend will make some strange noises. This way, hunters can easily find you. It can be said that these are extremely dangerous seconds.

However, you can’t avoid it, relying only on luck. Besides, if you initially choose the incarnation wisely, your chances of survival are also quite high. There will not be a specific strategy for you to win, so play a lot to gain experience and insight in your next action. You can escape your heart in the last shot but laugh at the figure you have transformed into. Do not know anything in advance, that is the feeling Hide io will bring you.