About is a cool MMO RPG Io game. Take part in an interesting multiplayer battle and control of a brave animal. Play against other mad creatures in the building and show your shooting ability to eliminate as many enemies as you can. Aside from rushing into the combat, you are also advised to collect cash and valuable items scattered on the floor quickly before your rivals loot. After you pick up these, you’d better save them in the bank. Otherwise, you will not own anything when you lose unexpectedly. The money that you gain in is very helpful for you and everybody to open prize boxes. They contain new weapons or upgrades together with rewards. Besides, you can gather lots of power-ups and objects when you break crates along the way. Are you willing to engage in the challenge and discover the fast-paced gameplay with other secrets? Good luck!

How To Play

Press WASD to move, LMB to shoot.

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