About Archnemesis

Archnemesis online is a cool bow-and-arrow game unblocked. You step into the arena in the name of an ambitious archer who has to finish off all enemies within the game lobby. Once you’re already in the game, you must quickly race around the map trying to kill all rivals using the power-ups that are scattered throughout the map. Archnemesis unblocked features a lot of matches, each of them only last 5 minutes. Within this time, you ought to kill as many rivals as possible. For each kill, you earn a single point. Keep accumulating kills for increasing your scores, and when the time runs out, the one who got the most points will become the ultimate winner. Your goal in Archnemesis free io game is to rule the whole arena! Surely you will earn yourself a lot of fun and your archery skill will be truly tested. Are you ready for it? Good luck!

How To Play Archnemesis

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, press key E to collect or change power-ups. Use the left mouse to shoot, use the right mouse for emoji menu.

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