About is a classic MMO sports game. It leads you to an interesting competition which occurs alongside a beautiful tropical coast of a distant island. It’s possible to play volleyball with your friends and other rivals. Experience the new challenge together and try to become the Champion as soon as you can! In order to win the championship and win the top spot, do not ignore combining tricky moves which are able to cause the opponent to be perplexed. In case you want to increase the movement speed of the ball, you’d better keep that item for a while. In, sending quick messages to your teammates are quite important. It can help you and your buddies make appropriate plans easily. If you complete the stage excellently, you will unlock the next level and other exciting upgrades. Aside from that, you can gather many power-ups during the match. Much fun!

How To Play

Use Arrows to move, jump and dive. Double Left or Right to dash, C to send quick messages.

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