Bomb Town

About Bomb Town

Bomb Town is a multiplayer strategy iO game with 3d graphics. The battle is set in a dangerous PvP arena that is full of strong players from around the world. Start off with a Bomberman and you are allowed to customize your hero from the hairstyle to skin and more. More importantly, you need to become the last standing character in order to win in the next unblocked battle.

It’s available to play Bomb Town free online as your preference! There are many different upgrades along with special power-ups found within the maze. They are useful for you to climb up to the top spot faster. Actually, they will enhance your stats and other abilities. So, you can increase your exp and level up surprisingly. If you save enough money, you can enter the shop to buy unlocked stuff. Besides, you can receive quests to solve for a prize. Good luck!

How To Play Bomb Town

Choose the left mouse button to move, Spacebar to release bombs

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