Boss Fights!

About Boss Fights!

Boss Fights unblocked is a good fighting game packed with action. You are going to face many enemies and wicked bosses in Boss Fights free game. Your mission is to fight off all waves of opponents using your good fighting skills and unique strategies. After one wave has been defeated, another one will come with tougher opponents, making the fight much more challenging. Therefore, you should frequently keep yourself upgraded so you can have enough power to cope with the opponents as the game progresses. If you succeed in defeating tougher waves, you will earn yourself a lot of points, which adds more to your final score and gives you a higher chance of winning. The main objective in Boss Fights online game is to turn yourself into the most dangerous fighter topping the leaderboard! Take this chance to show off and hone your fighting skill through many challenges. Have a good time fighting!

How To Play Boss Fights!

Use WASD for the movement, use key G to drop items, key T to gather items, key B to purchase items, key P to craft items, key L to level up items and key K to suicide.

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