About is one of the best Io games based on the style of Battle Royale. There is a dangerous area and you have to find the safe zone as soon as possible to avoid the poisonous gas which is spreading in the air. Not only that, you are going to fight against a lot of enemies coming from different regions around the world on the same map. You need to survive and destroy everybody to become the last standing man who dominates the leaderboard. At the start, it is not simple to defend yourself from every hazard. However, you should not worry since you have a pistol and you can pick up many useful items on the path. Additionally, you will be able to own upgrades like machine guns, rocket launchers, or shotguns. They are scattered across the arena. Are you ready to experience your journey and take over the whole city? Good luck!

How To Play

Hit WASD or arrow keys to move. Press LMB to shoot, E to pick up items, T to chat, L to turn on or off the leaderboard.

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