About is a great competitive strategy iO game. Control a tiny magical character known as Chomper and play against a lot of online enemies. Try to defeat all of them as soon as possible! It will help you conquer the leaderboard after being the strongest player! Additionally, you will be able to turn into the biggest creature on the classic map of free. Once you are connected to the competition like Crowded, you can go around the area and pick up treats. They will be the food that you can eat to grow bigger. Besides, it is simple to eliminate the roaming bug that you see on the path. With the weapon that you are equipped at the beginning of unblocked, it is feasible for you to hit and remove them! Eating and fighting will be two necessary elements to increase your experience points, make you enlarge, and level up. Watch out! Dodge or run away from every attack for survival!

How To Play

Use the mouse cursor to direct, Left mouse to attack, Right mouse to accelerate

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