About is a fun-addicting multiplayer tower defense game where you can realize something similar to the style of Diep, Agario and Splix. The mission is to become the first player who build up the largest territory. Take control of a helicopter and fly your way! Do not forget that you are fighting against tons of enemies! So, you should prepare for the upcoming attacks. You will leave the spawning point and embark on making a plan used to expand the given land. Choose an appropriate area and begin to create lines. They are walls that allow you to capture the adjacent neighbor or somewhere you want. However, you must act wisely and dodge shots or you will die in an instant. Additionally, prevent them from demolishing what you have built before they steal and make you fail. Let’s start to engage the combat and see if how long you can survive! Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD to move, the mouse to build and shoot.

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